Information on Economics as a Major or Minor

As a young university student just starting out in life choosing a career path can be a daunting task. Some get hung up on the money, others on the commitment, and others on their prospects for the future. Whatever you choose remember the sage words of my father to my friends at this stage of life: "There's always room for one more excellent one!"

Whereas some majors narrow your training, others broaden it. I think that an undergraduate economics degree provides an optimal balance of the two. Economics majors are valued for their analytical skills and for their ability to take on a broad range of tasks and projects. The appeal of economics to me, throughout my entire career, has been its analytical power and the breadth of its applications to life, more generally.

My suggestion is that you choose a major which excites a passion in you and appeals to your curiosity and interests. Working in an area you don't like and find stimulating gets old very, very quickly!

The first step is to gather information and professors within your major are a great resource for that, whatever their field. External sources should be scoured too. Below are some web sites regarding an economics major - some are from other colleges and some are general sources.

This link is sponsored by the American Economics Association and is a good place to start

University of California - San Marcos

University of Pittsburgh

South Western Publishing Site

This is a good web site for any major - it lists most jobs in the economy: Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Outlook Handbook

World Wide Learn

Shouldn't All Students Learn Economics?

This April 2008 article covers average starting salaries for various majors including economics: “For Class of '08, A Scramble for Jobs”

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